Who Wants to Be a Superhero Week 2

Well, it seems Mindset didn't fare too well this week. That's unfortunate since he was one of the more interesting characters (and definitely had the coolest costume). But I knew his ego would get the better of him and I was just waiting for him to be cut down to size. His mini temper tantrum at the end was great... he reminded me very much of the Simpsons Comic Book Guy.

My favorite so far: Mr. Mitzvah. There's no way this guy's going to win, but he's hilarious!

My pick for the winner: Whip-Snap. She has a great back story and just seems to have all the right answers for Stan. Also, she cries a lot, which Stan seems to love.

Next week, the mole will be revealed! I'm calling Basura as the mole. She's just too suspicious: everyone else looks like normal shmoes, but she looks like an actress/model. Even her performance regarding the old lady last week was a little suspicious. We'll find out for sure next week!

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