Who Wants to Be a Superhero Week 5

Egads, my pick for the winner is gone! Whip-Snap unfortunately had to turn in her costume tonight. I can understand Stan's reasoning, though: she folded under pressure one too many times. But it was kind of a toss-up between her and Hygena, and Hygena will have to do a kick-butt performance next week if she wants to stay.

I thought Stan's reasoning behind putting Defuser on the stand was a bit of a stretch. He just wanted to give the kids a little souvenir, give him a break!

Hyperstrike's confession to Whip-Snap (in which he told her that he was one of those who said that she was the least heroic) was totally self-serving. He knew that Defuser got praises from Stan for doing the same thing, and I get the feeling he only confessed to get on Stan's good side.

And what was the deal with the CG spiders in the Tunnel of Fear? The one crawling on Defuser's back looked pretty CG, too.

Anyway, the competition's pretty much up in the air between Hyperstrike, Parthenon, and Defuser! Parthenon's my favorite right now, but next week might change everything.

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