Who Wants to Be a Superhero Week 6

Although everyone counted Hygena out, it was actually Parthenon that got the boot this week! Despite his great planning in the box, I'd say his departure is deserved: he didn't let the kids participate at all when they took the quiz and he left a woman's cane on the other side of the road. Sloppy.

My wife commented that Stan axed Parthenon because he had a feeble answer regarding why he wanted to stay... he "wants to win this", but in a "different way" than the others? Wha..? I know he was on the spot, but you have to at least have an answer ready in case you get on the chopping block.

Another moment of sloppiness was Hyperstrike revealing his secret identity to the kids. Did he not watch last season?

Okay, next week has to be the week Hygena gets kicked off.

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