Who Wants to Be a Superhero Week 7 - Finale!

And the winner of Season 2 is: The Defuser! It's probably deserved; although he revealed too much to the talk show host, he did a great job against the attack dogs, and overall performed pretty well throughout the competition. And to top it off, he had a great tear-jerking personal story about his sister needing a superhero to save her. And we all know how Stan likes to see his heroes get all emotionally worked up.

Hygena actually did pretty well against the dogs, too: sacrificing herself for the team was a great way to win brownie points from Stan. Revealing her address to the talk show host wasn't a good idea, but she also had a nice tear-jerking story about her fear to try to have children. Not quite as good as Defuser's story, but she cried, and that's what's important.

Hyperstrike didn't do as much in the dog challenge. And his story wasn't quite as emotionally charged as the others. Overall, I'd say he was the weakest performer of this week. But he is athletically talented, and he probably would have been the most dynamic in a movie.

Speaking of which, Stan mentioned that the winner of this season will not only get their own comic book, but also a appear in a movie and get his own action figure!

And speaking of action figures, I hope to GOD the figures in the show weren't representative of the actual upcoming figures. I suspect they were just mock-ups for the show, since the Feedback prototype is much better looking.

Waitaminnit... the heroes didn't unmask Dr. Dark! What the crap?!

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