Batman: Dark Knight 6-inch Review

Like many Bat-fans, I'm really looking forward to the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight. And I dig the newly upgraded batsuit for this movie. I think it adds some interesting detail to the suit and makes it look less rubbery. So of course a figure purchase is in order, and I picked up the new 6" version as it totally blows away the smaller scale figures. It's a Four Horsemen design, so you know it will be good... or will it? Read on!
Company: Mattel
Size: 6" scale
Price: $9.99
Packaging: Carded
Looks: 5/5
The Four Horsemen did a great job with the sculpt. There are so many details that you'll spend a significant amount of time just staring at the figure to take it all in. I also find myself wondering about how some of the details will be utilized in the movie, like the communicator-looking thing on his utility belt. The speculation is fun.

The paint apps are limited but appropriate. The suit looks all one color at first glance, but there are a couple of places where it is a little more shiney or a little more gray. The variation looks great.

Articulation: 4/5
This Batman has 19 points of articulation: ball neck, ball shoulders, swivel forearms, swivel wrists, hinge chest, swivel waist, hinge/swivel hips, hinge knees, and hinge ankles. The ankles could maybe use some ball articulation and the shoulders are hindered by the armor, but I'm not complaining too much. Of note is the chest joint, which is very well hidden with the armor details.

Accessories: 0/5
That's right, this Batman gets a big bagel for accessories. I don't hand out perfect scores just willy-nilly, even perfectly bad scores, but this figure deserves it. First, you get a little rubber Batman mask. What do you do with it? Hell if I know... it's about 3 inches long, so it's way too big to be in scale with the figure. But, at least he comes with some mysterious top-secret evidence! Maybe that evidence is something that will give you some clues about the movie! But you know what's in that bag of evidence? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So, you get a big weird mask and an empty bag. Fail.
Batman strikes fear into the hearts of Mardi-Gras goers everywhere!

Value: 2/5

10 bucks for a figure of this size is kind of the norm, but at least with other Mattel DC Superhero figures you get some sort of interesting or useful accessories, like a build-a-figure part. I can't imagine the Bat-bag cost as much to produce as a build-a-figure limb.

Coolness: 4/5
The attention to detail really makes this figure shine. I really like the added detail of the new suit and this figure shows it off very nicely. He's also in roughly the same scale as your other DC Superhero figures(although he's a bit short) so he'll display pretty well on your DC Universe shelf.

Overall: 3/5
The lack of accessories really bring this figure down. I'm used to getting little in terms of accessories with DC figures, but this is downright insulting. And 10 bucks for a figure of this size with no accessories is crazy. If you want a strong Batman movie figure (which I do), this is the one for you as it's the best so far. But if you want a fun figure with neat equipment for a good price, this isn't it.

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