My Photoshop Tribute to Star Wars!

I've always been a big Star Wars fan, and my Star Wars collection ranks just behind MUSCLEs and Shogun Warriors in terms of nearness to my heart. I was inspired to see what Star Wars action figures and toys would look like in a "real" movie setting, so I put my Photoshop skills to work! After taking pictures of the toys, I photoshopped them into backgrounds. The toys were altered digitally, as I adjusted the lighting and added "special effects". Click on a thumb for a larger version. Enjoy!

General Grievous takes aim! (Hasbro's Deluxe General Grievous)
Clonetrooper Commander on a mission on an exotic cliff planet! (Hasbro's Clone Commander)
And finally, we just received this strange transmission from Clonetrooper 1138 (who for some reason thought it "clever" and "unique" to choose that number designation), currently stationed in the Willa System. Trooper 1138, respond. Trooper, do you copy? DO YOU COPY?!

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