Toy Tribute: Rocks & Bugs & Things by Ideal

Rocks & Bugs & Things was a toy line released in 1985 by Ideal. The basic premise was that seemingly harmless rocks and bugs would suddenly and viciously transform into horrible monsters, ambushing innocent little mordels and eating them alive! Shown above is Rockadile. Other rocks available included Bloodstone, Trapasaurus, Shriekbeak, and Gravelguts. The bugs available in the line were Evil Beetle, Scarepion, Wicked Cricket, Blooderfly, and Terrorantula.

Each rock or bug came with a little two-legged mordel. The box front actually had a nice painting of each rock or bug devouring its victim! Also, each box had a comic with the featured rock or bug! How gruesome!

The RBT line was available at around the same time as MUSCLEs, and they were alot of fun! I haven't seen hide nor hair of this toy line for the past 10 years or so, and I thought that they may be one of the forgotten toy lines of the 1980's, lost in obscurity forever! But it seems like there's a small RBT reinsurgence on the Net!

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