Toy Review: Skeleflex Spinosaurus

I'm a huge fan of dinosaurs but unfortunately, there haven't been many dinosaur toy lines that have been anything more than cheap dollar store toys. Plasma Dinosaurs broke that trend, venturing into uncharted dino-toy territory with quality dinosaurs with interesting sculpts, and Skeleflex looks like it will continue along those lines.

Skeleflex is a new toyline featuring build-it-yourself skeletons of dinosaurs or aliens. Basically, you can not only build the dinosaur, but also jumble up the body into any sort of freakish concoction, if you so choose. For my first Skeleflex purchase, I picked up the Spinosaurus.

Company: Wild Planet
Size: roughly 10" tall standing
Price: $14.99 at Toys R Us
Packaging: Carded in Case

Looks: 4/5
Spinosaurus looks pretty awesome. The skeleton sculpt is recognizably a Spinosaurus, but the style has been characterized to give it a bad-assed look. The detail is pretty nice, with every bone given some sculpting attention. The color is appropriate, and there's a little bit of spotted variation, but I would have liked to see the bones be given a wash to look more realistic and weathered.

Articulation: 5/5
You build the creature yourself out of a bunch of bones, and the bones create a point of articulation where they pop together. That means the figure has a whopping 32 points of articulation, most of them ball-in-socket! I would have liked to have better jaw articulation, but I feel like a whiny putz asking for more since I've been given so much.

Accessories: 3.5/5
Spinosaurus comes with some flexible joints and a carrying case/playset. I'm not sure what the point of the flexi-joints is (they basically replace a joint, making the joint flex instead of articulate), but the big skull carrying case is pretty sweet. On the other hand, if you collect a lot of these things, you'll have a lot of skull cases, which I imagine will be overkill.

Value: 4/5
$15 for a figure of this size, with this play value, is a pretty good deal. Throw in the skull carrying case, and you've got not only a lot of plastic, but also a fun toy for a great price.

Coolness: 3.5/5
This figure came really close to getting a 5 in this category. What held him back? Well, since pretty much everything in the figure is articulated, including the vertebrae, that means there will be some weak points when you go to pose the figure. In particular, the classic horizontal theropod pose is difficult. The vertebra that connects to the pelvis is a bit too loose to hold the pose, and Spiny tends to flop face forward. And since that pose is the most dinosaur-like, that's a big downside. Still, you can give him an upright Godzilla pose with no problems.

Overall: 4/5
Skeleflex is a great line that I hope people go nuts for. It's certainly one of the best dino-related mass-production toylines to come around in a long time. Spinosaurus has a great sculpt and great playability, both of which makes this figure one to seek out if you're a dinosaur fan.

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