Toy Tribute: Ambush Predator by Kenner

Remember mailaway figures? They're pretty much shunned by toy manufacturers now, but back in the day they were awesome. And definitely one of the coolest mailaways was the Ambush Predator. Available from Kenner circa 1993, it was the first "clear" Predator figure, paving the way for more stealth Predators. The figure used the same mold as the movie-inspired Predator from the Aliens vs. Predator 2-pack, but it was cast in the clear plastic that seemed so ubiquitous in action figures by the end of the decade.

You can see it definitely uses the 90s Kenner sculpting methodology, with five points of articulation and a spread-eagle hyperextended action stance. This figure has a bit more detail than usual 90s Kenner fare, though. I always loved the sculpting of the right hand in particular. What a great gesture!

Ambush Predator came with 4 accessories: a mask, two bladed weapons, and a chest plate. I've never liked the chest plate as the stark black doesn't really go with the "invisible" premise of the figure. The shiny weapons and mask are better, but they would be cooler if they were in the same clear plastic as the Predator.

The concept was ingenious: although it used an existing mold, the clear-plastic made it seem like a totally new figure. More importantly, since this was one of the first exclusive clear mailaways and being invisible was an important feature in the movie, the clear plastic made it unimaginably cool.

Ambush Predator was available right when I started collecting toys as collectibles rather than as playthings, so I ate this mailaway up. Come to think of it, the Predator and Aliens lines from Kenner in the early 90s were very cool. They're certainly under-appreciated these days, like many 90s toylines, as well as this Ambush Predator. You're one ugly mother frakker, Ambush! And speaking of Aliens vs. Predator, check out the commercial for the toylines below!

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