December Poll: Star Wars Prequels, and Nov's Results

The new poll is up and running! I thought about doing a "Which is your favorite Star Wars movie" poll, but let's face it... we all know that ESB would win. I thought I'd mix it up a bit and ask you to pick your favorite (or, your least hated) Star Wars prequel. And since both Clone Wars cartoons are considered canon, I included them too.

Here are last month's results of which Transformer you would like to see get the Masterpiece treatment. It ended up being a tie between Bumblebee and Devastator, with Soundwave close behind. No votes for Unicron... that was surprising.

Astrotrain 1 (6%)
Bumblebee 4 (25%)
Devastator 4 (25%)
Galvatron 0 (0%)
Ironhide 0 (0%)
Jetfire 2 (12%)
Prowl 1 (6%)
Shockwave 1 (6%)
Soundwave 3 (18%)
Unicron 0 (0%)

Votes: 16

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