Toy Review: Dhalsim and E. Honda by SOTA

Wow... I thought this day would never come. I preordered this Dhalsim and E. Honda in June of 2007 but for whatever reason, the release of the figures was delayed again and again. Truthfully, I had given up on ever seeing them. So imagine my surprise when, egads, they finally showed up on my doorstep yesterday!

I've always loved Street Fighter. E. Honda was the first character I tried to master in the game (it took me quite a while to nail down the invincible head-butt cheese). But Dhalsim quickly became my all-time favorite character. He personified cheese, with his long reach and overly-powerful throws. And who doesn't love the yoga-noogie?

Company: State of the Art Toys
Size: roughly 6"
Price: $12.99 at Corner Store Comics
Packaging: boxed

Looks: Dhalsim - 2.5/5; E. Honda - 2/5
I was disappointed by both figures in this category. Dhalsim's sculpt is pretty good, but lacks character. He has some nice paint washes in his pants and wrappings, and his skin has a bit of color variation, which is nice. But his major flaw is in his head stripes... they aren't parallel and his left stripe bleeds into his center one. That's a flaw that's just big enough to drive you nuts.

E. Honda, on the other hand, has a much cooler sculpt that has a cool and interesting character. The paint apps for the most part are pretty sharp, and he also has a bit of skin variation. But E. Honda violates my cardinal rule for action figures: both eyes must line up reasonably well. E. Honda's eyes are crooked in BOTH heads! That's absolutely unacceptable.

Both figures have hands that are sculpted sloppily. They're not smooth at all, with detailing that makes them look like they were sculpted out of clay. That's acceptable when you're looking at a custom, but not a production figure. It's really noticable with E. Honda's huge slapping hands.

And, because I know you're curious, here's an E. Honda crotch-shot!

Articulation: Dhalsim - 5/5; E. Honda - 4.5/5
Both figures have excellent articulation:

Dhalsim - ball-in-socket neck, ball shoulders, swivel forearms, double-hinge elbows, ball wrists, hinge/swivel chest, swivel waist, ball hips, double-hinge knees, ball ankles

E. Honda - ball-in-socket neck, ball shoulders, swivel forearms, hinge elbows, ball wrists, swivel waist, ball hips, double-hinge knees, ball ankles

That's alot of articulation, most of which is useful. I especially like the double-hinge joints, which are great for Street Fighting poses.

Accessories: Both - 4/5
Dhalsim comes with extra hands (meditation hands), a skull necklace (which is surprisingly detailed and awesome), and extendo-arms, while E. Honda comes with extra hands (slapping hands), and an alternately sculpted head. The accessories are cool and appropriate. And this is the first Dhalsim figure (that I'm aware of, at least) that mimicks his iconic strechy limbs.

Value: Both - 2/5
This is another category where the figures take a big nose-dive. The cost ($13) is pretty much par for the course with "specialty" figures of this size. But you have to be insanely careful with the figures, lest they are torn asunder! URS already broke his Zangief, which is understandable because the plastic feels stiff and fragile (read: cheap). I was very careful with my figures and by some stroke of luck they didn't break. But when you're swapping out heads and hands (and the pegs for the wrists are only a few millimeters thick), disaster's just waiting to strike. And look at those cheap-looking pegs in the hinge joints! If you buy these figures, either never touch them, or keep some Mighty Putty on hand.

Coolness: 4/5
Both guys are among my favorite SF characters. And both seem to get the shaft in terms of action figures: we don't see very many Dhalsim figures, and even fewer E. Honda figs. So it's great to have some plastic representation of these guys in this scale.

Overall: Dhalsim - 2.5/5, E. Honda - 2/5
I went back and forth with the final score, but I had to settle on a relatively negative one. I love the characters and it's awesome to see them battle on my computer desk. But the quality control issues are overwhelming. Sloppy paint apps coupled with flimsy plastic and construction just ruin the figures. Not to mention the unacceptable distribution issues that led to a year and a half wait for the figures! But if you're a huge SF fan or a fan of these characters, I'm sure you'll find something to like in each figure.

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