Jan. Poll - MOTU 2002 vs. Classics, and Dec. results

The 2008 Masters of the Universe Classics line is a definite departure from the previous 2002 relaunch. Now that we have MOTU Classics figures in-hand, we can judge for ourselves which is cooler! So this month's poll is asks which style of MOTU you prefer: the 2002 line or the current MOTU Classics line.

Below are the results of last month's poll:

Which prequel is your favorite, or least hated?
The Phantom Menace: 3 (14%)
Attack of the Clones: 1 (4%)
Revenge of the Sith: 5 (23%)
The Clone Wars (Tartakovsky): 10 (47%)
The Clone Wars (CG): 2 (9%)

Total: 21

As you can see, the Tartakovsky Clone Wars show blew away everything else, including all the movies.

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