Toy Tribute: Toxic Crusaders by Playmates

Toxic Crusaders was a toyline developed by Playmates in 1991 based on the Toxic Crusaders cartoon. The source material, Toxic Avenger, was a rather profane and gory B-movie classic. I suppose with the mutant mania that swept through kids in this time period courtesy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Toxie and his mutation-altered buddies was a perfect fit with the time period.

The action figures are colorful and fun. Each figure came with a bunch of accessories, as well as a top-secret glow-in-the-dark accessory hidden in a bag. First, we have Toxie, the hero character. He comes with his trademark mop, a shield, some toxic charges, and a little gremlin-looking dude.

Toxie is joined by his allies, the Toxic Crusaders! First is Major Disaster, a Swamp Thing-looking army dude. He comes with a lot of cool accessories: a gun, backpack, knife, vegetation, and other cool stuff.

Another Toxic Crusader is Headbanger, a mad scientist/surfer combo. The sculpting details on this figure are particularly cool. He comes with a mad scientist blaster and surfboard.

Here we see a Toxic Poochie: Junkyard! I love his dog food blaster!

The last Crusader is Nozone. As can be expected, he has nose-related accessories and snot detailing.

Toxie and the Toxic Crusaders battle the evil forces bent on environmental disaster and pollution! This is Dr. Killemoff, who I assume to be the main villain (it's a safe bet he is the main villain because he is the one who most resembles Darth Vader). The orange backpack connects to his back with the green tube connecting under his chin. The tabs on my figure (the first pic) are broken, but Lee Sherman was nice enough to email me pics of his (pics 2 and 3)!

The next villain is Psycho. He comes with various industrial-looking weapons and a cool mask.

Here's Radiation Ranger. He comes with a blaster, backpack, and toxic waste cannister shield.

The last figure in the Toxic Crusaders line is Bonehead. These images were provided by Lee Sherman. Thanks Lee! (For a more detailed review of Bonehead, check out this Retro Review.)

The figures came with environmentally conscious activity books. The first one is below.

Check out the comparison shot below. It's a family reunion with other Playmates toys: Star Trek: TNG Locutus and TMNT Raphael (with squishy head).

Bernard Gumz over at Scab Farm sent along this awesome drawing. Kudos to Mr. Gumz for his great work!

And we'll conclude with an intro to the cartoon! Ain't YouTube grand?

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