Fan Art: Batman, TMNT, Ms. Pac-Man line art

I wanted some interesting line art in the background of this site to give it some character. At first I used art that I got from the Internet, but I knew it would look more distinctive if I made the art myself. So here is the Sharpee art featuring Donatello and Batman that I made for the site background.

Donnie is based largely on the NECA TMNT figures, primarily the Raphael figure. Before this, I never realized how useful those NECA figures are for drawing the Turtles.

Batman is in the current Brave and the Bold cartoon style. I didn't follow the cartoon's style to the letter because it's so simplistic and geometric that it wouldn't work with the Donatello drawing. So I took some liberties with the design, but hopefully kept the essence of the B&TB Batman intact.

Finally, here is the line art for the Ms. Pac-Man and ghosts you see in the background. Also shown here is Q-Bert, who I didn't include because his style conflicted with the others.

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