Toy Review: Skeleflex Skullkor

I noticed that Skeleflex figures are on clearance this week at TRU. Unfortunately I've been sleeping on this line. I haven't gotten any since my first purchase of the Spinosaurus. So I had a mini-panic attack when I saw them on clearance; it's looking like I'd better get the guys I want now while they're still at retail. My second Skeleflex purchase was this Skullkor. Spiney was an awesome figure so let's see how this guy measures up.

To recap, the Skeleflex line features build-it-yourself skeletons. There are dinosaurs and aliens in two different size assortments: normal (which come in bone cases) and deluxe (which come in skull cases). Skullkor is one of the normal-sized aliens.

Company: Wild Planet
Size: roughly 6" tall standing
Price: $5.58 at Toys R Us (clearance)
Packaging: In Case

Looks: 4/5
I'm not a big fan of the almond-eyed alien. You know, the generic diminutive alien with the big head, black eyes, and thin body that is so ubiquitous in pop culture, and has frankly become a cliche in movies. But almond-eyed aliens can be done right and this is a perfect example.

There are a few things that make me like this figure despite the fact that he comes from the almond-eyed alien cliche: the skeletal features, the added spikes on the skull, and the deadly-looking claws all make this figure awesome. The additional weapons look cool too.

But as with Spiney, some paint washes would really make this guy stand out. Also, for some reason, the vertebrae are a different color than the rest of the figure (which is more bluish than the pics show). Still, this is one sweet-looking figure.

Articulation: 5/5
Since you assemble this figure from a bunch of bones, there's a lot of articulation. Every joint where two bones connect forms a ball-in-socket point of articulation. You won't see many figures with better articulation than this.

Accessories: 5/5
Skullkor comes with a laser cannon and robo-claw that you can swap with his arms. Additionally, he comes with a jet pack. The accessories have a 1950's B-movie style feel to them and add a lot to the character of the figure. He, like the other Skeleflex figures, also comes with a cool case in which you can store your extra parts.

Value: 5/5
I got this figure on clearance for $5.58. Considering puny little Star Wars figures retail for $8 these days, this is a fantastic value.

Coolness: 4.5/5
This figure has two levels of coolness working in its favor for me: I have always been fascinated by skeletons and I'm a big sci-fi buff. As an added bonus, I find that Skeleflex compliments my MOTU Classics pretty well, and I can imagine that Eternia would have plenty of Skeleflex-style monsters to slay.

Overall: 4.5/5
Does the fact that this line is on clearance mean that Skeleflex is finished? I hope not. I've really enjoyed both of my Skeleflex figures and I hope to fill out my collection further. If this is the end of the line for Skeleflex, then it's not surprising: if a toyline doesn't have some sort of cartoon or movie tie-in backing it up, then it's pretty much doomed to failure regardless of how awesome it is. Skullkor is a great action figure with tons of fun play value. It will be a shame if he ends up in the same boat as all those other great but under-appreciated toylines.

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