Toy Tribute: Jackie Chan by Dragon Models

I was a huge fan of Jackie Chan back in his prime. His movies had the best action and stunts of any in the world. (I have yet to see any action scene top the ladder fight in First Strike.) So I was ecstatic when this 12-inch scale Jackie Chan action figure from Dragon Models came out in 1999.

Jackie's sculpt is dead on, capturing his likeness perfectly. His costume is cool, too. The costume design is from My Story, a behind-the-scenes documentary in which Jackie reveals his stuntman tricks. (It's definitely worth tracking down if you haven't seen it. I don't think it was released over here, but you can probably find it on YouTube.) The costume material is thin enough to allow the figure's articulation some nice movement.

Speaking of which, these Dragon Model figures are known for their articulation, and they certainly didn't skimp on Jackie. He even has articulation that was pretty much unheard-of in those days: double-jointed ellbows/knees and an articulated chest.

Holy crap, is this figure really 10 years old already? It doesn't show its age... this is an awesome figure even by today's standards.

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