Toy Tribute: Star Trek 1701 Set by Playmates

When Star Trek: TNG was in its heyday, Playmates decided to increase the "collectibility" of its line by introducing chase figures: Tapestry Picard, Yesterday's Enterprise Tasha Yar, and Projections Barclay. They were limited to a production run of only 1,701 (like the Enterprise registry number, NCC-1701). Of course they were nearly impossible to find with such a low production number, and Playmates eventually released them in this set to try to appease collectors distraught over not being able to complete their collections.

Tapestry Picard
The star of the set is Picard from the Next Generaton episode Tapestry. In the episode, Picard goes back in time to his academy days, hence the classic uniform. The figure is just a head swap with Generations Admiral Kirk. But I think what makes this figure so cool is that it's a TNG Captain in a TOS movie uniform.

Picard comes with a stand, drinking mug, dom-jot stick, duffel bag, and chess set, which you can use to recreate the classic scene in which Picard fights the Nausiccans, one of which impales him in his back.

Yesterday's Enterprise Yar

The Tasha Yar figure in this set represents the character from the Next Generation episode Yesterday's Enterprise, featuring an alternate timeline in which Tasha Yar is still alive, post-Armus. The figure isn't particularly representative of the episode, though. The figure's hair is clearly Tasha Yar from Season 1, and the Starfleet uniform in Yesterday's Enterprise had a different collar. Still, it's cool because it's a depiction of what Tasha would look like in the post-Season 2 uniforms.

Tasha Yar comes with a stand, isolinear optical chips, an Enterprise C phaser (very cool), a type II phaser, and a classic tricorder. Look out, Data... Tasha's looking to find out if you're fully functional!

Projections Barclay

And finally we have Reg Barclay as he was seen in the Voyager episode, Projections. This is my least favorite of the figures because I was never a huge Voyager fan. I don't like the DS9/Voyager costume designs either. And for some weird reason, my sample has his left and right legs flipped.

Reg comes with a stand, medical tricorder, type II phaser, desktop monitor, and personal access display device. And in the pic on your right, you can see Reg reinacting another of his Holodeck fantasies!

Did this smooth relations with the fans?

Although this set made these three figures readily available, it did little to appease collector dissatisfaction. First, the damage was already done; some collectors had given up on the line long before this set was released. Also, other figures with limited production runs like Thomas Riker and Redemption Data were never rereleased, so completists were still ticked.

This was just the beginning of the end for Playmates Star Trek. By the time this set was released (1998), many collectors were shifting their attentions towards the new POTF2 Star Wars figures. And TNG, which had the best ratings of any Star Trek series, had been off the air for 4 years. The Playmates line hung on for a few more years, but it never recovered.

Moral of the story: The best way to alienate collectors is to produce chase figures for which the chase is too difficult.

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