March Poll: Most Anticipated Movie, and Feb. Results

This month's poll asks which spring/summer movie you are most looking forward to seeing. There are a lot of great dork-related properties in the mix, so it will be interesting to see what people are banking their money on.

February's results are as follows:

Which fast food joint has the best french fries?
Arby's: 3 (8%)
Burger King: 8 (22%)
Chick-fil-A: 3 (8%)
Hardee's: 1 (2%)
Jack in the Box: 1 (2%)
McDonald's: 10 (27%)
Sonic: 4 (11%)
Wendy's: 6 (16%)
White Castle: 0 (0%)

Total: 36

This poll had the highest level of participation yet! I guess people are really serious about their fries! McDonald's walked away with the win, but Burger King and Wendy's both had good showings.

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