Retro Toy Review: Turbojet Batman by Kenner

One of the glaring omissions in my Batman action figure collection was the lack of a figure from the Batman: The Animated Series line by Kenner. This line started off with an accurately-styled Batman called Combat Belt Batman. The rest of the line was fraught with colorful repaints, making Combat Belt Batman one of the most sought-after and expensive B:TAS figures. I had to branch out because I wasn't willing to fork over the dough for a Combat Belt version, so I picked up Turbojet Batman.

Many figures from the Kenner B:TAS line are dirt-cheap, especially the repaints. I know that Batman repaints are collector Kryptonite, but there are a few gems that are actually pretty awesome, like this Turbojet Batman.

Remember when we actually cut out and saved the Proof of Purchase?


Year Released: 1993
Company: Kenner
Size: 4" scale
Price: $6 (MIP) from eBay
Packaging: Carded

Looks: 4/5
This Batman is probably the most conservative of the repaints, with a costume that is a slightly darker gray than the Combat Belt figure. The other differences include the Turbojet backpack straps that are sculpted and painted on the figure, as well as other sculpted detailing on the boots and gloves. Without the Turbojet, this Batman looks like he's ready for parachuting or hang gliding, which adds a cool action-oriented element to the figure.

The paint and sculpt are pretty good for the time period. There's some sloppy paint around the straps and eyes, and the flesh-colored paint seems to obscure the facial details. But this was a more primitive time, and this Batman looks pretty sweet for a figure from 1993.

Posability: 2.5/5
Turbojet Batman has the standard Kenner articulation: swivel neck, soulders, and hips. Many figures from this time period had this limited articulation, but that's no excuse. Remember that the early 90's also saw the debut of the Star Trek: TNG figures, which had much better posability, adding swivel upper-arms/waist and hinge knees/elbows. A bit more articulation would have really helped the figure.

Accessories: 4/5
Not many B:TAS figures have cool accessories, but this is one of the few. The Turbojet backpack (with removable rocket launcher) has a really cool Art Deco look, and even features a Rocketeer helmet. The Turbojet captures the 30s-inspired B:TAS feel perfectly, and is probably one of the best accessories to come out of the line.

And of course Batman comes with his characteristic cape, which is removable (unlike recent Batmen).

Value: 5/5
Only $6 for a carded vintage 1993 figure is a steal. If you don't see it this cheap on eBay now, just be patient... like many B:TAS figures, you can score a great deal on this figure eventually.

Coolness: 4/5
I was looking for a basic Batman, but this is good enough. The coloration isn't freaky, and the paratrooper look is actually pretty cool. And that Turbojet backpack is as cool as B:TAS accessories get.

Overall: 4/5
This is a good, solid figure that doesn't venture too far from the costume design of the cartoon. The Turbojet backpack is fun, too. And with these early 90s Batman figures going for a song, they have great "bang for the buck", so it's a good time to pick up a few!

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