Toy Review: DC Universe Hawkman by Mattel

Man, I'm really running behind on these DC Universe figures. This wave has been out for quite some time and I just got Hawkman last week. Hawkman is a character with which I'm not too familiar. In fact, I don't think I have any experience with him outside of the Challenge of the Super Friends cartoon. But I always thought he looked cool. Certainly the Four Horsemen couldn't screw up Hawkman... could they?

Company: Mattel
Size: 6" scale
Price: $12.50 at CornerstoreComics
Packaging: Carded

Looks: 4/5
Hawkman's sculpt is top-notch. The feather detailing both in the wings and mask look great, and you can even see some veins popping out of his bulging musculature. Another great detail is the "bird feet" on the boots, which has raised sculpting rather than just paint. The main complaint I have with the sculpt is that the back of the figure has what Transformer fans might call "kibble"; i.e. ugly parts that you would only notice if you looked at the back of the figure. But that detailing is unavoidable and not noticeable on the shelf.

The paint is nice and clean (unlike Shazam) with strong primary colors. The skin looks a little flat, so some washes or spray might have been beneficial.

As Scumdogg commented in the Shazam review, the quality control seems to be all over the place with these DC Universe figures. Fortunately, this Hawkman is a pretty good one, but individual mileage may vary.

Articulation: 5/5
Hawkman has all the usual DC Universe articulation: swivel neck, ball shoulders, swivel upper-arms, hinge elbows, swivel wrists, hinge chest, swivel waist, hinge/swivel hips, swivel thighs, hinge knees, and hinge ankles. The wings are also articulated, with a hinge joint to let the wings shift backward, and a swivel joint to let them extend. The wings limit posability in some areas, like the chest, but I'm very pleased with how the figure moves.

Accessories: 4/5

While I berated Shazam for only coming with a BAF piece, Hawkman shows him up with a sword, shield, and club in addition to his BAF part. I'm not buying all the figures so the BAF part is a waste (hence why I didn't give the figure a perfect score). But if you buy them all and can then assemble Kalibak, bump up the score to 5/5.

Value: 4/5
$12.50 isn't a bad deal for the DC Universe figures. But Hawkman in particular is a substantial figure and comes with great accessories. This figure is certainly worth your money.

Coolness: 4/5
Hawkman has a lot of little touches that make him look more like a badass than the other DC Universe figures. His vein detailing, war-worn weapons, and ticked countenance all make him look like he means business. I wish Hawkman was in MK vs. DC... I can imagine this guy doing some pretty cool Heroic Brutalities!

Overall: 4.5/5
To answer my question, no, the Four Horsemen didn't screw up Hawkman. In fact, this figure may be the best of the DC Universe figures so far. Hawkman is very distinctive, and steals the show when you put him on the shelf with the other DC figures. Maybe I should pick up a Hawkman graphic novel and see what this character is about...

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