April Poll - Star Trek duel to the death! & March results

I changed this month's poll, asking instead which of the Star Trek characters listed would win in a battle to the death! Would Data overcome everyone with his super-human android strength? Would Kirk's cunning overcome brute force? You decide!

Here are the results of last month's poll:

Which spring/summer 2009 movie you are most looking forward to seeing?
Dragonball: Evolution - 2 (3%)
GI Joe - 6 (11%)
Harry Potter 7 - 4 (7%)
Land of the Lost - 1 (1%)
Monsters vs. Aliens - 1 (1%)
Terminator: Salvation - 3 (5%)
Transformers 2 - 6 (11%)
Star Trek - 19 (35%)
Watchmen - 6 (11%)
Wolverine - 6 (11%)

Votes: 54

As you can see, Star Trek ran away with this poll. But Transformers, Watchmen, Wolverine, and GI-Joe also have a lot of interest. And all the movies got at least one vote.

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