Footage of Shatner in the new Star Trek movie?!

245trioxinator is back with more big news about the upcoming Star Trek movie and... William Shatner?! Take it away, dude!

245trioxinator here! Big news today concerning the new Star Trek movie!!! If you're like me you've been anxiously awaiting a decent Star Trek movie for over a decade! And last year they promised that we would receive it by X-mas. Well we all know the official story (that they decided to wait until summer when they could make more money). When I heard that statement my crap detector klaxons started blaring. There was no competition this past X-mas for Star Trek to contend with, so I started wondering if maybe there was something more to this postponement.

Friends let me tell you that what I uncovered was so outrageous that I began to doubt my own sanity.

You all know how Captian Kirk is being played by Chris Pine. It may shock you, however, to discover that he wasn't supposed to play Kirk at all (in fact I doubt that he was even cast as a minor character originally). All of Pine's scenes were filmed this past January (2009). It turns out that none other than, yup, William Shatner was brought on to play Captian Kirk. . .YOUNG CAPTAIN KIRK. Yes friends the technology is here! Shatner completed principal photography as Kirk last summer. The entire film centered around William Shatner as Captain Kirk (goosebumps)! Exclamation Mark!

Industrial Light and Magic had the de-aging computer techniques down to a science. At least that's what they thought. You see it wasn't X-mas that made them postpone the movie it was X-Men (X-Men Origins Wolverine to be specific). Back in december ILM saw the footage of Patrick Stewart with the de-aging special effect and they started to panic. The effect didn't work at all for the last Enterprise Captain, so how in the hell could they hope to make it work for the Original! They ended up scrapping all of the rough footage of William Shatner before applying the defunct youthifying effect. Paramount then brought on Chris Pine to reshoot every single shot (angle for angle, lens flare for lens flare).

The great news is that I got my hands on some of William Shatner's footage and have compiled a few choice screenshots of how the movie was supposed to be. Bare in mind, however, that these are raw and undoctored images of Shatner. In my opinion he does'nt need any digital makeup effect. This is our true Captain Kirk (paunch included).

The first image is there original poster teaser for Captian Kirk. Notice how the one they did with Chris Pine later is almost identical.

The second image is an ILM artist's computer working hard on trying to perfect the digital de-aging, with the third image presenting a closer look at the side by side comparrison of real and artificial Kirk.

The next series of images are actual stills from Star Trek (proper) starring the one true god of my childhood.

The last image showcases Playmates Toys' original prototype of Kirk from the new movie. It now makes perfect sense to me that they botched Chris Pine's likeness (it must have been a rush job) as it's obvious that they spent countless hours perfecting every nook and cranny of William Shatner's visage.

Until the next Star Trek Movie, this is 245trioxinator... hailing frequencies closed.

Just to be clear, this post is a Photoshop gag courtesy of my friend, Jason. Thanks for the awesome pics, dude! They were hilarious!

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