May Poll: Favorite Cherry Soda, and Star Trek Duel to the Death results

I love cherry soda. And yet, I hate real cherries. There's something about that fake cherry syrup that they put in cherry soda that's just awesome. So this month's poll asks which is your go-to cherry soda. (I'm grouping diet with the full-blown soda of the same name, so if you like Diet Cherry Coke, you can just choose Cherry Coke.) If you have a favorite that isn't listed, please comment below. And if you hate cherry soda (for some weird reason), there's a choice for you, too.

The results from last month's poll are as follows:

Who would win in a Star Trek duel to the death?
Captain Kirk: 4 (12%)
Spock: 4 (12%)
Gorn Captain: 1 (3%)
Lt. Worf: 6 (18%)
Lt. Cdr. Data: 14 (42%)
Esoqq: 1 (3%)
Captain Sisko: 2 (6%)
B'Elanna Torres: 1 (3%)

Votes: 33

Everyone got at least some props, but Data ran away with this one. In retrospect, I should have included Odo... I think he could have been a good contender.

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