Past Dork Dimension Designs

Since the Dork Dimension has gone through a few design revisions, I thought I'd archive past Dork Dimension designs. I like to keep screenshots of past graphics and website designs so that I have a full history of the design process.

Overall Website Design

Version 1.0 - Feb. 2009
I was just getting my feet wet with the Blogger CSS template designer. The graphics are pretty primitive, but I like the different stuff happening in the logo.

Version 2.0 - May 2009
Here I went for a metallic theme that worked out pretty well. Originally, I wanted the metal to be the hull of the Enterprise (displaying the 1701 serial number et al) but I wasn't able to reduce the Enterprise background to a reasonable file size, so I opted to make it a generic metallic background. It's kind of a cool idea and I really like how the 3-dimensionality of the logo turned out, but it ultimately didn't go well with the initial space/inter-dimension concept for the site.

Version 3.0 - August 2009
Unlike the previous design, I really played up the space theme here. I love the hyperspace in the logo and the glowing text kind of has a Tron-like effect. And because I started to convey news items through Twitter, I wanted to prominently feature my Twitter account in the right-hand column.

Version 3.1 - September 2010
This design is kind of like August 2009 2.0. The overall design is the same, but there are a few tweaks here and there. First, not only did I improve the hyperspace effect and change the text font in the logo, but I also added an action figure to the logo to show visitors that this is a primarily toy-driven website. The idea is to switch up the figure in the logo every once in a while to keep things fresh. I also added a substantially darker and bolder header background for the post titles, and started experimenting with logos for specific topics, like the Star Trek: TNG Action Figure Archive.

Version 3.2 - Prior to June 2011
And here is August 2009 3.0. It's pretty much the same as 2.0, but I started using deviantArt to showcase my artwork, so I added a thumb and a link to the most recent art. I also added an image rotator that randomly rotated different versions of the logo featuring 10 different toys.

Version 4.0 - June 2011
With this design, I moved away from the space theme, reimagining the Dork Dimension as an alternate computer dimension. Twitter was abandoned for Google+ (which I found easier and more fulfilling to use) and the social media content was downplayed as I realized that I just couldn't keep up with it. Also, the artwork thumb was removed to free up more real estate on the side bar so that it's easier to find the search and other special features.

Version 4.1 - October 2013
I tweaked the "computer" theme above over the next few years, and this was the final version. I even used media queries to make the web design responsive. Unfortunately, I started having technical problems... I had completely redesigned the site quite a few times by this point, using the same base template as the one I started with in 2008, and apparently it was all a little too much. So I had to start from scratch with a new template...

Banner Logos

This logo shows the Twilight Zone look and feel that I was going for in the first version of the site design.

This banner features the first "warping effect" that I employed in my logos.

And here's the second version of the warping effect. I'm not sure which is my favorite, they both are cool in their own way, I think.

With the new computerized design, I came up with more rotating logos. This logo was a huge pain to make, as I had to create the "zooming" effect manually by tracing lines in Photoshop.

Mini Banners

I created a Dork Dimension banner to put in my signature for online forums. This was my first banner reflecting the initial design of the site.

This was an extremely short-lived banner based on my Armodoc illustration. I like the banner, but ultimately there was too little space that I could devote to the illustration so I retired it early.

Blowing-up sprites from vintage video games is always fun.

Here I thought I'd make a basic banner that just shows toys featured on the Dork Dimension without some sort of goofy tag line.

And this is my current forum signature image, since the Dork Dimension became Instagram-exclusive.

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