Toy Review: Star Trek Enterprise by Playmates, UPDATED with Photoshopped Pics!

It's less than a week before Star Trek is released in the theaters! I'm ecstatic about the movie... even though the Playmates toyline has been atrocious for the most part. Despite that, I simply had to get an Enterprise from the new movie, so I snatched up this ship from Playmates. Is this an improvement over the other toys from the Star Trek line, or does it continue Playmates' mediocrity?

Company: Playmates
Size: 17"
Price: $30 at Toys R Us
Packaging: Boxed

There are very few paint apps on this Enterprise. Those looking for any sort of aztec detailing should look elsewhere. And what little paint apps that are present are somewhat sloppy.

The sculpt is very basic... there isn't any sort of significant detailing happening here but it does its job. The proportions seem accurate (at least, from what I can tell from what I've seen so far). The clear-blue deflector dish is a nice touch, as are the lettering details and the Starfleet insignia on the Engineering Section.

Probably the most annoying aspect of this ship's looks is the obnoxious screws on the bottom of the Saucer Section. Couldn't this have been glued together or something?

Special Effects:
The Enterprise features four different sound effects, and the lights on the ship flash differently depending on the sounds. Although the voices don't sound like the actors, the effects are pretty cool. The parts of the ship that light up include: the sensor dome, the deflector dish, the impulse engines, the Bussard collectors, and the rear part of the nacelles. The bridge is the button to activate the sounds (which sometimes sticks). I would have liked the bridge to light-up as well, but I'm pleased with the effects overall.

The Enterprise comes with a pretty awesome stand. I really dig its blue plastic, and the curvilinear design gives the toy a sense of motion. And unlike the stands for previous Playmates Star Trek ships, this one has a ball-in-socket design so you can tilt the ship and make it look even more dynamic.

At $30, this Enterprise toy is a big let-down. Not only is the ship somewhat small for the price, but also that price range puts it in direct competition with the Diamond Select Star Trek ships. I don't own any of the DS ships, but from what I've seen they're far superior in terms of sculpt and paint detailing. The DS ships also have special effects, so there's no excuse that this poopy little Playmates Enterprise is $30. I suspect when I get my DS Enterprise-D, it will make this ship look like a dollar store toy.

The ship is actually pretty fun to zoom around and the special effects are a blast. It's also cool to compare the geometry of this new ship with schematics of the first Enterprise and Enterprise-A. I was hesitant about the new ship design at first, but after playing around with this toy and seeing how it works in three dimensions, I really like everything they've done with it. The coolness would be off the charts if Playmates made a better quality toy.

The basic sculpt, sparse paint apps, and exorbitant price of this Enterprise really hurt its score. The special effects are cool and the toy is pretty fun to zoom around. However, as with the 6-inch figures, I hope Diamond Select gets the license so we can get an Enterprise that's truly awesome. But this will tide me over for the time being.

Godzilla vs. the Enterprise! According to Starship Dimensions, this shot is actually to-scale.

Update: 5/6/2009

My friend Jason was inspired by the last pic and Photoshopped these awesome images depicting Godzilla and the Enterprise locked in mortal combat! Thanks for sending them along, dude!

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