Toy Tribute: Han in Stormtrooper Gear Froot Loops Mailaway

The Star Wars action figure line is a collecting juggernaut these days. We have thousands of post-vintage Star Wars figures today, so it's a little difficult to get too excited about any new wave. Of course it wasn't always like this. In the early 90's, Star Wars toy collecting was pretty much restricted to Action Masters (die-cast figurines) and Bendies. But in 1995, we got our first new Star Wars action figures in 10 years with the release of Power of the Force 2 from Kenner. The figures were overly muscular, the face sculpts were iffy at best, and the lightsabers were insanely huge... but we didn't mind that much. Star Wars was back, and we gobbled them up like hotcakes.

Imagine our collective glee when Kenner announced a mailaway figure available through a Froot Loops offer! Not only are mailaways inherently awesome, but the figure would be depicting a character never before seen in plastic: Han in Stormtrooper Gear! For years, collectors have been customizing this figure by swapping a Han head onto a vintage POTF85 Luke in Stormtrooper Gear body. And now Han Trooper would finally get his due!

Of course, this figure was a must-have for my blossoming post-vintage Star Wars collection. I remember my friend Matt heard that Froot Loops boxes with the Han Trooper offer were spotted in northern Virginia one weekend, so we went on a quest, scouring the area for boxes. I'm not sure if we found them that weekend, but if not we eventually did and promptly mailed off the order forms. (Thanks to Matt for the box above.)

And this figure lived up to expectations. The proportions of this figure were more reasonable compared to the other hyper-buff POTF2 figures. And this Han Trooper wasn't just a head-swap with a POTF2 Stormtrooper, the sculpt was slightly different: the legs were repositioned and the right arm was bent to aim his blaster. Or, rather his "imaginary blaster", as he didn't come with one. But he did come with a removable helmet, and for a mailaway, that's all you can really ask for.

Although this Han Trooper falls short according to today's standards, it was a pretty awesome figure for its time. And the mailaway aspect added a new dimension of collectibility to the line. It was figures like this that helped cement my Star Wars collecting obsession for almost 10 years.

As a side note, Matt still has a Froot Loops box with the Han Trooper offer, still sealed. Sick. Who knows what science experiments are brewing in that box after ten years. And yet, I'm sure the Froot Loops probably still taste the same. Yum.

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