June Poll: GI Joe Movie Reactions, and Favorite Cherry Soda results

After the recent clips and trailers for the new GI Joe movie, I'm curious as to how fans are reacting to the new style of the movie. Although you can't make an accurate assessment of the movie until you actually see it, we all harbor some sort of preconceived notion of what this movie will be like. So this month's poll asks how well you think the new GI Joe movie will turn out, based on what you've seen so far.

May's poll results are as follows:

What is your favorite Cherry Soda?

Cheerwine: 2 (5%)
Cherry 7-up: 4 (10%)
Cherry Coke: 11 (28%)
Cherry Dr. Pepper: 6 (15%)
Cherry Jones Soda: 1 (2%)
Cherry Pepsi: 8 (20%)
Other: 2 (5%)
I hate cherry soda: 5 (12%)

Total: 39

It looks like Cherry Coke and Cherry Pepsi were the most preferred choices. Cherry Dr. Pepper had a good showing too, but I suspect my wife was rigging the votes in its favor. ;)

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