Toy Review: Glyos Naras Buildman

I've been watching the Glyos toy line for a while now. While I'm not into "designer toys", I've always thought Glyos was cool, I was just resistant to start collecting yet another toy line. But sites like Fans of Pheyden and BattleGrip, featuring awesome pics of Glyos figures in action, gradually wore away my resolve. Besides, I would only be purchasing one of these figures... no big deal, right? So I ordered this Naras Buildman.

Company: Onell Design
Size: 3"
Price: $8 (from Onell's online store)
Packaging: Baggie

I love the familiar, yet ambiguous design of this figure. The style of the sculpt has hints of Micronauts and Samus Aran, yet still differentiates itself enough to be an entirely different character. This ambiguity makes the figure much more fun.

And what's even more interesting is the fact that you can switch around parts. You could buy 3 of the exact same Buildman, swap around some parts, and build 3 entirely different-looking figures.

The paint apps are pretty good. There's a bit of slop in regards to the black lines, but nothing too bad. The strong colors make the figure one to notice on the shelf.

Buildman has a good deal of articulation for a figure of this size: swivel neck, shoulders, forearms, torso, hips, knees, and ankles. Total, that's 12 points of articulation... not too shabby, but ball-in-socket articulation would really make the figure come alive.

Buildman comes with a few extra parts, which I suppose count as accessories. These parts can be used to create a jet pack or a blaster arm, take your pick. While the flexibility of the extras is welcome, I think a mini-blaster would have been awesome.

$8 for a 3-inch figure seems a bit pricey, but it isn't that bad considering this is a small-scale production toy. It's not a fantastic deal, but the figure is priced low enough that collecting the line isn't cost-restrictive to those of us on a toy budget. Also, the plastic is of good enough quality that when you pop off the parts you don't feel like the peg is going to break.

I wasn't expecting Buildman to be this fun. Every point of articulation on the figure can be popped-off, and every part can fit in every joint. Swapping out the parts to create different characters is a blast, and I've spent a good deal of time just experimenting with the extra parts to see what I could build. In fact, it's a bit difficult to get through this review because I keep playing with the figure. I'd love to buy a hundred of these things and create endless Buildman morphologies.

I haven't had this much fun with a figure in quite a while. I could spend hours just swapping out parts. And the figure looks great, with a design that's unique yet familiar. I was expecting to buy only one of these Glyos figures, but now I'm hooked. Damn you, Onell. And the worst part is, since I'm late to the Glyos party, I've missed a bunch of incredibly awesome figures. Oh well... better to start now and not miss any more!

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