Toy Review: Masters of the Universe Classics Hordak

Man, I was lucky to get Hordak. Not only did the MattyCollector server fail when I tried to order it, but it also sold out in less than an hour, quicker than any other MOTUC figure (despite the increased production run). Is it worth all the hub-bub?

Company: Mattel
Size: 7"
Price: $20 (from
Packaging: Carded

Hordak is arguably the best-looking MOTUC figure to date. Like others in the line, Hordak's sculpt is awesome in that it's not only an update to the old sculpt, but also manages to tug on the nostalgia strings by maintaining much of the vintage style. Paint apps are done pretty well; I especially like the silver detailing on the armor and the bone-like skin coloring on the face. And the black/red/silver color scheme really makes this figure pop on the shelf.

Unlike DC Universe Classics, the reused parts here aren't tiresome (at least, not yet). The upper arms, upper body, and upper legs are all from He-Man, and the loincloth is from King Grayskull. Everything else is new, which significantly differentiates Hordak from the other figures in the line.

Hordak's "tummy" is flat like his armor, which makes the armor look like it's in two pieces. He looks great with the armor on, but take it off and he looks pretty weird. Still, it's an acceptable trade-off.

Hordak has the same articulation as everyone else in the line: ball-socket neck, ball-hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, hinge elbows, swivel wrists, hinge torso, swivel waist, ball-hinge hips, hinge knees, swivel shins, and hinge ankles. The hood restricts neck movement and the armor restricts the torso. Other than that, the figure moves really well.

MOTUC has been known to be pretty skimpy in terms of accessories, but Hordak is the exception to the rule. He comes with his signature crossbow as well as a cool staff. Not only that, but he comes with a dragon buddy! I've always loved animal buddy accessories (dating back to Mutt and Junkyard), so that's a great way to win brownie points with me.

Hordak's armor is also removable, and the hood is a separate piece which opens up display possibilities. For example, if you have a few extra Hordaks, you could display them sans hoods and have evil Horde troopers! But with the popularity of this figure, good luck getting extras.

At $20 a pop, these MOTUC figures are tough to justify at first. Still, the quality of the figures is pretty amazing, so you get what you pay for. In Hordak's case, the extra accessories sweeten the deal a bit.

Hordak is a pretty awesome figure. The Evil Horde was always one of the coolest "teams" in the MOTU line, so this figure already has a lot of coolness going for it. I love the sculpt and the vampire-esque color scheme, both of which make him one of the most distinctive MOTUC figures on the shelf. I'm not sure if I'll throw my beloved Mer-Man under the bus and say that Hordak is the best MOTUC figure, but he's certainly a step above the rest.

The complaints of slightly less than perfect mobility and a somewhat steep price tag are minor and don't detract from the awesomeness of the figure as evident in the incredible sculpt and nifty accessories. Six months into the line, Hordak proves that MOTUC still delivers. I can't wait to see what the Four Horsemen have in store for us in the future.

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