Custom Glyos Aliens: Brain Wave Cards

Marty (TheGodBeast) continues his Glyos Aliens line with a second wave entitled "Brain Wave"! As you might guess, this wave will feature the same head sculpts as the first Glyos Aliens wave but the heads will have glow-in-the-dark brains encased in them! The effect is quite awesome (you can check out some pics over at Marty's site). Fortunately, he asked me to design the packaging again. Recently I've had a chance to experience the awesomeness that is Glyos and I was eager to come back to the Glyos universe.

Last time, I drew line art of all the heads and pasted them floating in a star field. But this time I wanted to feature a Glyos Alien along with his body in an action pose directly interacting with the star field. So, I drew the following line art and positioned him in a star field so that he's threatening a galaxy with his massive claw. Since the card is so small (the header cards would be stapled to a small baggie containing the heads and accessories), I was only able to fit half of Centoid's body on it.

Then Marty also had the super-cool idea of making 3 separate cards, one for each head/accessory. So I drew the Phoenoid and Aquoid heads/accessories separately, then pasted them onto Centoid's body in Photoshop. The results are as follows... first, the line art:

And now, the two completed cards:

This was even more fun than the first time. Let's hope I can sucker Marty into letting me make more packaging for him in the future! ;)

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