Toy Tribute: Vintage 12-inch Han Solo in Hoth Gear

I know what you're thinking: a Han Hoth was prototyped but never released in the vintage 12" line and only a few of those prototypes exist today. Is this one of those ultra-rare test shots?! Those who knew my toy budget would know that the answer must be a resounding "Hell no."

This 12" vintage Han Hoth is a combination of the vintage Han Solo and the more modern POTF2 Han Hoth. I wanted to fill out my vintage 12" collection with Han, but I also knew how insanely expensive complete 12" Star Wars figures can get. Instead of breaking the bank, I bought a "nude" Han and clothed him in Hoth gear from the Han/Tauntaun pack (since the Hoth outfit is my favorite of Han's).

A collector familiar with the vintage Han Hoth test shot would never be duped by this figure since the outfit of the actual prototype is very different. You can check it out at the Star Wars Collector's Archive.

And for those who are still debating whether Han's jacket is blue or brown in the movie, it is in fact brown, as confirmed by this movie prop. That's kind of a shame, really... I love the look of the blue jacket.

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