August Poll: Intergalactic Duel to the Death! Plus, TF2 Results

It's time for another Duel to the Death poll! This month, we take our Duel to the Death out to the far reaches of space as we settle once and for all who would win in intergalactic combat!

Don't dismiss any of those entries immediately; I think a valid case could be made for any of them. If you'd like to discuss your selection, feel free to comment below!

The results of last month's poll are as follows:

What did you think of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?

Awesome! 14 (31%)
Pretty sweet. 8 (17%)
Meh. 4 (8%)
Not good. 3 (6%)
Horrific! 6 (13%)
Haven't seen it. 10 (22%)

Votes: 45

People were for the most part pretty positive about the movie, with the TF2 fans beating the naysayers (myself included) more than 2 to 1! Did you all watch a different movie than I did? :P

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