The Dork Dimension: Year One

That's right, it was a year ago today that I first launched the Dork Dimension! We've come a long way in the past year... well, not really, but there are a few aspects that changed as I explored the possibilities of a blog format.

The most obvious change is the design. I struggled with the design for quite a while as learned the ropes of customizing the Blogger CSS. I went from sort of a mish-mashed design that was all over the place, to a metal theme (that wasn't all that bad, but it had nothing to do with a "dimensional" theme), to the current space theme. (If you'd like to see the past designs, click here.) I've been tinkering with this intergalactic design for the past month and it's finally pretty solid, so I think I'll keep it for a while. But who knows for how long... I enjoy redesigning so much that I'll probably switch it up eventually.

The other major change is a shift away from news reporting on the blog in favor of a Twitter-driven news format. I found that I couldn't possibly keep up with all the cool dork-related news out there by blogging about it, so I switched to micro-blogging. It's much easier to quickly update on an ad-hoc basis, and it can be integrated into the blog via a widget (which is on the upper-right of the page, of course). If you haven't been following me on Twitter, you'll probably want to start... if you like this site, I think you'll enjoy it on Twitter.

Finally, let's countdown the most popular articles of the past year:

10. Toy Review: Skeleflex Skullkor (727 pageviews)
8. Toy Review: Power Rangers Super Legends Mighty Morphin' Green Ranger by Bandai; Comic Review: Star Trek Countdown #4 (tie - 786 pageviews)
7. Comic Book Review: Star Trek Countdown #3 (904 pageviews)
6. Toy Review: NECA TMNT (916 pageviews)
5. Comic Book Review: Star Trek Countdown #2 (1010 pageviews)
4. Toy Review: Starship Legends Enterprise D by Diamond Select (1088 pageviews)
3. Toy Tribute: Toxic Crusaders by Playmates (1413 pageviews)
2. Toy Review: MOTU Classics He-Man and Beast Man (1686 pageviews)
1. Toy Review: Star Trek 2009 Enterprise by Playmates (2240 pageviews)

There are a few interesting things to note about this list. First, the toy reviews of the Enterprise Starships were some of the best performers.  It's understandable that people want reviews of these ships as they're expensive but difficult to see in the boxes.  Also, people really went crazy for the Star Trek Countdown reviews, presumably to get a summary of the prequel to the summer movie.  But I think the biggest surprise in that list is Toxic Crusaders.  Who knew that there were so many fans of that line?

Well, that's it for Year One of the Dork Dimension! Let's see what the next year brings... probably a lot more Glyos coverage, actually. ;)

(A point of explanation: you might notice that there are articles that go back farther than one year on this site; that's because much of that content was migrated from Nathan's MUSCLE Page, in an attempt to make NMP more of a MUSCLE-centric site.)

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