Toy Review: Angry Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Bank

One of the classic games of my childhood was The Movie Monster Game for the C64. This game was a "giant monster all-out attack" which featured, along with Godzilla and other generic monsters, a Stay Puft rip-off named "Mr. Meringue". Although the quality of the game is questionable by today's standards, it went a long way to cement the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man as one of the top kaiju from my childhood.

There have been a few Stay Puft figures so far, but nothing particularly noteworthy. What I really want is a figure that will go well with my vinyl Godzillas since I have those memories of Godzilla and Mr. Meringue from that old C64 game. So, when I saw this Stay Puft bank, I thought that it might fit the bill regardless of its bank-ness. And since it will reside on my kaiju shelf, the angry face version was the way to go. So will Stay Puft stay puffed, or will nobody step on a church in my town? Read on!

Company: Diamond Select Toys (SDCC Exclusive)
Size: 11"
Price: $20 (preorder) at BigBadToyStore
Packaging: Bagged

The Stay Puft likeness is deceptively complicated to capture. Maybe it's so simple that if you try any sort of artsy-fartsy embellishment with the sculpt, the figure will go down in flames. I think that's what happened with the NECA Stay Puft. The details and textures on that figure are cool, but does it look like the Stay Puft from the movie? Nah.

In comparison, this bank nails the look of Stay Puft. They didn't go too crazy on the textures, the face isn't distorted, and the proportions are pretty much dead-on. I love the marshmallow fingers and the cute "evil" expression that makes you think that Stay Puft is roaring to the Ghostbusters, "GET IN MY BELLY!"

The paint apps are sharp, but simple. There isn't any paint bleeding around the face (the paint apps around the eyes are precise, which is vitally important), and the costume details look nice. There's also some light-blue spray that gives the figure depth and volume.

Articulation: N/A
Since it's a bank, it doesn't have any articulation. The arms kind of look like they might move, but they don't. I was hoping that the head would be able to swivel at least (since you pop it off to empty the bank), but the sculpt of the neck doesn't allow it to move.

Accessories: N/A
Again, given that it's a bank, you won't get any accessories with it.

The $20 price tag puts this Stay Puft on the same pricing level as many Japanese Godzilla vinyls, so I'm cool with it. The quality of the plastic is pretty nice, so I think it's worth the Andrew Jackson.

This guy is a great rendition of a classic movie monster from the 80's... what more could I want? Well, I want an action figure. Maybe it's unfair to deduct a bit from the Coolness because it's a bank, but let's face it: nobody wants to use this thing as a bank. We want to use it as a display piece to go with our Mattel Ghostbusters figures (or with other kaiju, in my case). And as a display piece, it works pretty well, but I agree with this review... it would work better with articulation and accessories.

It's a bank, so there's no hope for articulation or accessories. But considering this is the best-looking Stay Puft I've seen and it looks fantastic on display, I can live with its bank-ness (especially since the bank qualities aren't noticeable unless you look at his back). reports that there are rumors of a Mattel Stay Puft, and I'd love to see them take a whack at it, but this bank's likeness will be difficult to beat.

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