Toy Review: Ghostbusters Egon with Slimer (Mattel)

2009 has been a great year for Ghostbusters fans. We have a Ghostbusters video game featuring the original cast, news of a possible Ghostbusters III movie, and now action figures by the legendary Four Horsemen! I've been eagerly awaiting this line since I first saw the prototypes from the NYCC. But I've also been nervous... since the GB line is a exclusive, will it be as much of a pain to collect as Masters of the Universe Classics? Surprisingly, I managed to grab an Egon w/ Slimer with relatively little trouble. Let's see how he and the spud shape up!

Company: Mattel
Size: 6"
Price: $20 on
Packaging: Carded

Looks: Egon - Slimer -
The Four Horsemen continue the excellence of their Movie Masters line with this super-sweet Egon figure. The likeness is a bit on the caricatured side but it works really well. Truthfully, figures with good likenesses usually are a little caricatured. It makes the character more recognizable and interesting in the smaller action figure format. The only thing detracting from the likeness is the glasses, which look a bit thick.

The 4H avoided the hyper-distorted hero body that toy sculptors often feel action figures must exhibit, and fortunately opted instead for more realistic proportions. But the arms look very strange when they're straightened; Egon was obviously sculpted to have his arms bent. That's cool when he's firing his proton pack, but any pose with his arms to his side will look weird.

The costume details are pretty sharp, especially on the proton pack. The sculpt of the pack is fantastic (check out that twisting and folding multi-colored cord!) and I love the weathering paint apps. The rest of the costume works amazingly well, too. There are cool details like gloves, pockets, and creases, and the precision of the paint apps is impressive; for example, the little itty-bitty zipper was painted silver with no smudges. Wow.

The only weirdness is the slime on the costume. While the slime looks great, I think my friend Jason was right in that Egon didn't get slimed in either movie. I don't mind that, but if you're as much of a stickler for movie accuracy with your GB figures as I am with my Star Trek figures, you might balk.

Finally, Slimer's sculpt is also very accurate. I would have preferred a more menacing countenance, like when he's just about to slime Venkman. But my main complaint with Slimer is the smooth clear plastic. Prototypes of Slimer show a texture with layers of green wash which looks great. The clear plastic is a cool effect, but I would have preferred that textured wash.

Articulation: Both -
Egon has more than enough articulation for Ghost Busting: ball-socket neck, ball-hinge shoulders, ball-hinge elbows, ball-hinge wrists, swivel waist, swivel-hinge hips, swivel thighs, hinge knees, swivel shins, and hinge ankles. Even though he's not particularly limber in the movies, you can put him in a bunch of dynamic poses.

Slimer also has a good deal of articulation: ball-hinge shoulders, hinge elbows, and swivel wrists. I don't think you could pack more articulation into the figure given the character design.

"Buddy" figures are always the coolest accessories so Slimer (who comes with a clear plastic stand) is the perfect pack-in. Egon also comes with his proton pack and gun, which aren't removable. Not bad, but Egon definitely needs a PKE Meter. And Tobin's Spirit Guide would have been icing on the cake!

I fuss and complain over the $20 price tag for MOTUC figures. Egon was also $20, but since he's only 6 inches tall and not as grotesquely over-developed as the He-Man gang, the price tag hurts a bit more. The quality of the figure is excellent, but $20 is difficult to justify.

Egon's my favorite Ghostbuster, so he gets some extra coolness props (although the reason why I think he's so cool is that he's such a nerd... quite an interesting paradox). Ghostbusters figures have been pretty sparce outside of the vintage line, and this scarcity makes this Egon retro and fresh.

More accessories, a better paint job on Slimer, and a lower price tag would have bumped Egon up to a 5. But even with these complaints, I admit Matty Collector has produced yet another fantastic figure. This Egon is a class act, and the lack of Ghostbusters merchandise makes me appreciate this figure even more. I'm glad to see that Egon eventually sold out, but let's hope that the demand for the Ghostbusters line doesn't turn the fun of collecting it into a chore.

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