Fan Art: Custom Gaiking VHS Cover

Back in the day, I was big into creating custom covers for VHS tapes. I bought a bunch of these plastic tape cases (very similar to those used by video stores) that had a sleeve through which you could slide a cover decal.  Tragically, very few of my custom covers still exist in electronic format, but fortunately this Gaiking cover survives.

Near the turn of the century (or the year 2000 for those less melodramatic), I bought a VHS tape called "Force Five" that featured the original Gaiking Japanese cartoon along with some other Shogun Warriors classics like Danguard Ace.  Despite the horrible transfer quality, it was pretty groovy to see the Shogun Warriors in their native habitats.  But as you can guess, the tape cases were atrocious.  I decided to make a custom case for my man Gaiking, and the result is above!  Although it betrays my relative Photoshop inexperience, I still think the 3-D quality of the chest face is pretty sweet.

The file modified date is December 24, 2000, but the actual image might be older.  Regardless, it's at least pushing a decade in age!  Egads!

Interestingly enough, I found the Force Five Gaiking intro on YouTube:

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