Fan Art: Star Trek Garbage Pail Kid

Every month, the Little Rubber Guys forums holds a Fan Art Contest, with a new theme every month.  The theme of the July contest is near and dear to my heart: Garbage Pail Kids!  So, given my current obsession with Star Trek, I knew I had to incorporate it into my entry, and this is the result!  The painting above is 18" x 24" and uses watercolor, with Sharpee to bring out the details.

I really wanted to nail the GPK logo, and I think it turned out pretty well.  The entire piece is free hand, meaning I didn't use any straight edges.  Rulers are cheating in my book. :) (Some of the lines are distorted by the camera, unfortunately).

Of course, the guy blasting "Jim" is an Andorian.  But I wasn't exactly sure what an Andorian phaser would look like.  There were a few pics online, but they were from Enterprise (meaning the show, not the ship) so they didn't really reflect the styling of the original show.  So I instead based the Andorian phaser on the phaser design from Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Wrath of Khan.

One other detail I had to research is the insignia inside the triangular Enterprise logo on the shirt.  I wanted "Jim" to be the classic red shirt from security who frequently dies on away missions.  But I wasn't exactly sure what insignia signifies Security. I eventually decided upon the Support Services logo.  This logo is commonly referred to as "Engineering", but in actuality its use is expanded beyond that section.  For example, both Scotty and Uhura wore this logo, and I believe it was also used for Security.

I think I might tinker with this piece a bit more, though.  It needs the sticker lines and the "Peel Here" arrow to truly mimic a GPK card.  But overall, I'm relatively pleased with it... it even includes a background, which is a rarity in my art.

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