September Poll: Your Favorite Summer Movie, plus Intergalactic Duel to the Death Results

Now that we've trudged through this Summer movie season, this month's poll asks which of the movies from the Summer 2009 movie season (from May through August) was your favorite? It will be interesting to see how these results match up with the results from the March poll which asked "Which spring/summer 2009 movie you are most looking forward to seeing?"

And here are the results from last month's poll:

Who would win in an intergalactic duel to the death?

Enterprise E: 3 (5%)
Borg Cube: 3 (5%)
Death Star: 9 (17%)
Unicron: 7 (13%)
Superman: 11 (21%)
Galactus: 9 (17%)
Space Godzilla: 7 (13%)
Anti-Monitor: 3 (5%)

Total votes: 52

The Death Star and Galactus put up a good fight, but it looks like Superman's the winner! I guess not even super lasers and planet devouring can stop the Man of Steel!

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