Toy Pix: Ghost of Nemica Scar Pheyden

Glyos is a great toy line, but you have to stay frosty to get the goods. Much like Nillin Scar Pheyden, this Pheyden was available for a very short time before they were all snatched up. It was sort of a video game exclusive: if you completed the latest Passcode game, you got the opportunity to purchase this Scar Pheyden, which sports a super-cool color scheme from the game.

The packaging for this Glyos figure is so cool that it bears special mention. I love the 8-bit graphical awesomeness of the cards! It's certainly my favorite packaging of the Glyos figures so far... I hope we see more like this!

And the coloring of this Pheyden's head matches that of the Rockum Buildman figure pretty well!  Time to lay the smackdown on Phanost!

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