Retro Toy Review: Casey Jones (Playmates TMNT)

Casey Jones has always been a hit or miss character for me.  In the Mirage comics, he had a certain maniacal charm.  I don't remember him at all in the classic cartoon (although he did make a couple of appearances), but Casey from the 1990 movie was nothing more than a doofy oaf, a characterization that was unfortunately continued into the 200x series and 2007's TMNT movie.  So let's see how this classic Casey Jones figure strikes me!

Year Stamped: 1989
Company: Playmates
Size: 4 1/2"
Price: $1.25 loose complete (with profile card) on eBay. The figure's in C8-C9 condition.
Packaging: Carded

Unlike Fugitoid, upon whom Playmates took upon themselves to "improve", Casey looks like he came straight from the pages of the classic Mirage comics. Casey's mask, ripped sweat-shirt, and tied sweatpants all coalesce into the perfect tribute to his first appearance in the Raphael one-shot.  There are a few subtle differences (most notably the addition of a shoulder pad), but this is exactly what I want in a Casey figure.

Playmates once again shows its keen eye for sculpting detail.  Casey's six-pack isn't smooth and plasticy a la He-Man, but it's textured with body hair to give some interesting detail to the sculpt.  If you look closely, you can even see some armpit hair.  It's gross, yet cool at the same time.

I'm not sure if the colors are accurate as I don't think the Raphael one-shot was ever printed in color, but this figure's color scheme works well.  The paint apps aren't bad for the time period, but there are some unpainted edges of his shirt that could be sharper.

7 points of articulation offer Casey some movement: swivel neck, swivel shoulders, swivel forearms, and ball-socket hips.  As with many G1 TMNT figs, the cut of the hips restricts movement a bit.  And I would have preferred one of his arms to be articulated at the elbow to give the figure some variety in battle poses.

Casey comes with two bats, a golf club, and a golf bag in which the bludgeoning instruments can be carried.  As with Casey's looks, these accessories are totally accurate to the Raphael comic.  In the comic, Casey's bats weren't broken, but that's okay... the jagged edges give the bats more of a savage look.

The epic battle of Casey vs. Raph!

A buck twenty-five for this figure is a steal.  You might even be able to get a carded version on eBay for under ten bucks if you're frosty.

Casey ditches April for another Playmates Toys hottie!

Despite the doofy incarnations of Casey Jones throughout the years, the early Mirage comics proved that the Casey Jones character can be cool.  Since this figure captures the look and feel of those comics, its coolness is greatly magnified.

With a super-cool Mirage-inspired look, character-specific accessories, and a cheap price, this Casey Jones figure is a no-brainer to any Ninja Turtle fan.  This figure might have been the first Casey Jones, but I'd argue that it's also the best... at least, until NECA decides to throw its hat in the ring and make Casey.  I can only hope!

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