Retro Toy Review: Rappin' Mike (Playmates TMNT)

My obsession with classic TMNT figures has taken an unhealthy turn.  I actually bought Rappin' Mike from the RockN Rollin' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.  And not only did I buy it on purpose, but I actually like the figure!  How can I possibly justify that statement with any sort of logic?  Read on to find out!

Year Stamped: 1991
Company: Playmates
Size: 4 1/2"
Price: $3 MOC
Packaging: Carded

The reason I dig this figure is that he's a perfect product of his time! Mike's sculpt is a caricature of the rappers of the early 90's with a clock necklace (a la Flavor Flav), rings that spell "MIKE RAPS", and Turtle-tastic hightops and hat. Also, there's a "YO RAP" logo on his pants that is more than a little similar to the "Yo! MTV Raps" slogan.  The sunglasses are more "surfer" than "rapper", but overall the look is a great homage to the pop culture of the early 90's.  The paint apps are pretty solid and there's even paint detailing on his back, which is often neglected in the vintage Playmates TMNT line.

Rappin' Mike has the usual TMNT articulation: swivel neck, shoulders, and forearms, and ball-socket hips. It's certainly sufficient for his reptile rappin' needs.

Mike comes with a bunch of rap-tactular accessories: Rappin' 'n Scratchin' Turntable, Kowa-cymbal Shields, and Microphone Nunchuku. I would have preferred his accessories to be more of a blend between musical instruments and ninja weapons. As they are they're way too much on the musical instrument side.  But they're certainly enough to be "chillin' to the thrillin'!"

TMNT is probably the most undervalued vintage line out there. You can get the majority of the figures you want for under $10, which is great for those of us on a toy collecting budget.  And this Mike was a paltry 3 bucks carded! Cowabunga!

There's nothing more period-specific than music, and what better way to relive the 90's than with a music-themed Ninja Turtle? I would have preferred more of an MC Hammer theme for Mike with parachute pants, but Mike's style is still over-the-top retro in the most fun way possible.

Playmates Toys Family Reunion

This review might make a few readers navigate away from this site in disgust. But hey, action figure collecting is all about fun and nostalgia, and this figure is just oozing both. Many of the themed Turtles are inexcusably atrocious, but the concept of Turtles with period-specific music styling works perfectly well for me. Besides, without Rappin' Mike, how are you going to complete your TMNT: Getting Down in your Town Concert diorama? ;)

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