Retro Toy Review: Lavender Deanna Troi (Playmates Star Trek The Next Generation)

Deanna Troi on Star Trek: The Next Generation was usually featured in either her burgundy or lavender jumpsuit. The burgundy outfit was her "serious" costume that was usually worn during scenes involving stuff like alien consciousness possession (which seemed to happen to her a lot). The lavender one was her "playful" outfit, worn when the scene was informal with comedic effects, like Data doing some socially awkward antics in Ten Forward. That's our Data!

(Keep in mind that the "serious" vs. "playful" rule is a trend, not an absolute law; there were heavy scenes in which the lavender outfit was worn, like in Season 4's "The Loss".)

I always preferred the lavender outfit myself.  I suppose I prefer my Troi playful rather than serious!  Let's get on with the review... make it so!

Year Released: 1992
Company: Playmates
Size: 5"
Price: $2 on eBay (on a C-4 card)
Packaging: Carded

Compared with her action figure contemporaries, this Deanna Troi has a pretty good sculpt. The likeness is cartoony but it does its job. Interestingly enough, this figure is in some ways even more accurate than the Diamond Select Troi: the costume creases are evident, the sleeves are v-cut, and the colors are closer to those of the real costume. The main problem with the figure's appearance is that the makeup is over-the-top. Deanna always had a heaping helping of makeup on the show, but this figure looks a little too... prostitutey.

Troi has 11 points of articulation: swivel shoulders, swivel biceps, hinge elbows, swivel waist, swivel hips, and hinge knees. For an early 90's figure, she's an over-achiever. But a possible neck joint is cancelled-out by Troi's hair and the swivel hips are cut so that they make the legs rotate out.  Crossing her legs while sitting on the bridge ain't gonna happen.

Deanna was never a character who needed stuff like phasers or bat'leths, and here she gets just the most basic Starfleet equipment: a PADD (Personal Access Display Device), a tricorder, a desktop viewer, a portable computer and a display stand. Some of the accessories have an attachment that you can use to attach onto her hand, which is nice considering her hands aren't sculpted in a grasping manner. But none of the accessories are particularly interesting, nor are they inherent to the Troi character. I would have preferred her to come with something like a counselor's chair. I mean, when was the last time Troi used a tricorder?

A carded vintage figure for $2 is an excellent deal. The card was totally destroyed, mind you, but I was more concerned about getting a mint complete figure so I'm happy with the price.

Let's face it, Deanna Troi doesn't exactly exude coolness like Worf or Data. I've also come to the realization that she's a repetitive character, with Guinan often filling her role in many episodes (and Guinan was a much more interesting character). Still, the lavender is the coolest of her costumes in my eye.

Worf settles once and for all that he is Deanna's man!

Calm down the makeup and add some character-specific accessories, and you'd have a winner. As such, this Troi is pretty average. But her cool lavender costume adds some much-needed color variety in a Playmates Next Generation display.

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