Toy Review: Ray Stantz (Mattel Ghostbusters)

The Mattel Ghostbusters line continues with Ray Stantz!  I thought the first figure in this line, Egon with Slimer, was pretty groovy.  But Mattel's habit of rehashing parts has been irritating me for quite a while.  The DC Universe Classics and MOTU Classics lines rely heavily on reused parts, which tends to make both lines generic and dull.  So how will Mattel's "new" Ray figure sit with me?

Company: Mattel
Size: 6"
Price: $20 on
Packaging: Carded

Looks: Ray Logo Ghost
It's official: my honeymoon with the MattyCollector figures is over.  Mattel's incessant reuse of parts has finally tipped me over the edge, and poor Ray will be the recipient of my wrath.  A big part of a figure's look is distinctiveness on the shelf, but with every stinking little bit of this figure (except the head) being reused from Egon, Ray doesn't look very distinctive at all. The only paint app differences between the figures from the neck down are the name tags and Egon's slime wash.  Something as simple as different equipment on Ray's belt would have gone a long way to make him more interesting.

Ray's head sculpt also seems off. His expression is a bit more mature than it should be and his hair is slicked back, unlike Ray's relatively unkempt hair from the first Ghostbusters movie. In fact, he looks very similar to his Ghostbusters II appearance, which would be okay if he was wearing a GB II costume.  But he's not.

The Logo Ghost looks good enough for what it is, but its sculpt is molded around the red cross.  You can take the cross off by splitting apart the ghost, but if you do, the ghost's chest looks caved-in.

Articulation: Ray Logo Ghost
Ray has the same articulation as Egon (which can be expected since he's almost the exact same figure): ball-socket neck, ball-hinge shoulders, ball-hinge elbows, ball-hinge wrists, swivel waist, swivel-hinge hips, swivel thighs, hinge knees, swivel shins, and hinge ankles. The Logo Ghost has no articulation, but that's okay considering the design of the character.

Ray comes with the same proton pack and gun as Egon. The proton pack is attached and I don't think it can be removed, so I don't know if I would call it an accessory. He really needs Ecto Goggles and a PKE Meter to complete his look.

Similar to Egon, Ray comes with a "Ghost Buddy"; unlike Egon, Ray's Ghost Buddy is utterly nonsensical. Instead of a movie-accurate representation of the Logo Ghost, like the Ghostbusters sign that was posted on the firehouse, Ray comes with a 3-dimensional Logo Ghost, as if the Logo Ghost and its red cross actually existed in the Ghostbusters universe. It's so cartoony that it's inconsistent with the look and feel of the other figures in the line, so you can't even use him as a ghost opponent. This is an accessory that will immediately go in the junk drawer.

I'm paying a premium for this figure ($20 plus shipping) so I expect a premium figure, not an almost entirely rehashed hack. A lack of decent character-specific accessories also hurts the value.

Egon was cool because he was an exciting new foray into the Ghostbusters property. Ray? Not so much. With his reused sculpt, he's treading on territory already explored by Egon. At least the Logo Ghost glows in the dark.

Ray is just the latest in the Mattel rehashing bandwagon. For $20, I would expect that there would be something to differentiate his body sculpt from Egon's so that they look like different characters on the shelf, but nope.  And the lack of cool Ghostbusters gear is more than a little annoying.

Ray's surrounded by the "undead" of other toylines!

I'm in a bit of a conundrum now. It's likely that Winston and Peter will follow suit and have the exact same body sculpt as Ray and Egon. It seems foolish to keep collecting the Ghostbusters line knowing that I'm shelling out $20 each for figures I essentially already own. On the other hand, the Ghostbusters as a whole are more than the sum of their parts, so giving up on the line without a complete set is unacceptable. Ugh.

Ray makes the fatal error of mistaking Armodoc for Stay Puft!

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