Toy Review: Spectre Callgrim and Stealth Order (Rawshark Studios/Glyos)

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a review of a skeletal Glyos? Rawshark Studios produces a nifty Glyos-friendly line called "Callgrim". The title character is sort of a skull-faced Glyos anti-hero. Tragically, I missed the first run, which seemed to sell out in mere hours. But I stayed frosty and managed to pick up this run, which included a glow-in-the-dark Spectre Callgrim and a clear-plastic Stealth Order ("Order" is a character represented by the alt head). Let's check them out!

Company: Rawshark Studios
Size: 3 1/2"
Price: $10 each
Packaging: Baggie

I really dig Callgrim's design.  He definitely has a Glyos feel so you can confortably display him along with your other Glyos figures. But his sculpt and 1/2" taller height makes him look distinctive among his Glyos buddies. Callgrim's skeleton theme is played well, with a skull-like helmet and armor that resembles a rib cage. (And for a one-two punch of awesomeness, the chest armor also kind of looks like that of Muscleman.) The paint apps are somewhat sparse. A little bit of detailing around the creases in the sculpt might have been cool, especially when Spectre glows in the dark. But more paint would detract from the Spectre and Stealth looks, so I'm totally pleased with what I got.

Callgrim has quite a bit of articulation to keep you occupied: swivel neck, shoulders, biceps, wrists, waist, hips, thighs, shins, and ankles. 16 points total... that's a bit more than the standard Glyos 12. Still, what would have really made Callgrim come alive is ball-socket articulation at the shoulders and hips.

Each figure comes with two heads (Callgrim and The Order), a backpack (that looks more like a freaky alien head than anything), and two hand guns (that can be formed into a rifle). That's a lot of cool display possibilities.

Each Callgrim/Order will set you back about 10 smackeroos. While that's a fantastic price for this sort of "designer toy", it might be a bit difficult to swallow for penny-pinchers such as myself. Still, the price is low enough to make Callgrim realistically collectible for those on a budget.

The plastic is flexible but solid, so you won't feel like you're going to break off a peg off when you're taking him apart.

Speaking of which, all of Callgrim's points of articulation can be popped-off and reconfigured in any sort of manner you'd so choose. It's a deceptively addicting play feature, and I can drop an hour or so at a time just messing around with different configurations. And Callgrim is Glyos-compatible, so his parts can intermingle with other figures from the Glyos System. The possibilities aren't quite endless, but they're close enough.

Also, Spectre Callgrim's ghostly glow in the dark feature looks downright awesome with his skeletal sculpt!

I love Callgrim's skeletal sculpt that both works well within the Glyos universe, and also looks distinctive enough to make him stand out. With a load of fun play value, these figures are seriously awesome. Only a comparatively high price tag and a lack of ball-socket joints keep Spectre Callgrim and Stealth Order from true epicness.

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