November Poll: Avatar Anticipations, plus Favorite Monster Cereal results

Avatar is by far the most-hyped movie of the year (and perhaps of many years prior), and with two trailers released online (the teaser and the full trailer), I'm curious to see how people are reacting to what we've seen so far.  Do you think it's living up to the hype?  Vote now, and read on for last month's results!

Which Monster Cereal is your favorite?

Boo Berry: 7 (21%)
Count Chocula: 13 (39%)
Frankenberry: 5 (15%)
Fruit Brute: 2 (6%)
Yummy Mummy: 0 (0%)
I live a deprived life without Monster Cereals: 6 (18%)

Total Votes: 33

It looks like Count Chocula was the fan favorite here.  There were even a few votes for Fruit Brute! Pretty impressive considering how long ago Fruit Brute was discontinued (1983, according to Wikipedia). Six poor souls somehow trudge through their lives without the awesomeness of Monster Cereals.  Tragic. :(

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