Toy Pix: Toilet Taxi (Playmates TMNT)

I usually don't buy vehicles. I suppose I could say that's because they're somewhat expensive, but the main reason is that they take up a whole lot of room and they're impossible to store. The Legacy Millenium Falcon is undeniably awesome, but where the crap would I put that thing? Anyway, I recently won an auction on eBay for Metalhead (review coming soon) and the Toilet Taxi was included in the auction. I only wanted Metalhead, but the auction was cheap and I'm never one to refuse extra toys anyway. Besides, it's certainly weird... and a lot of fun, too!

The Toilet Taxi is what happens when the DNA of a turtle, a bathroom, and a car are all mixed together. It's an odd combo to be sure, but that can be expected with the vintage TMNT line. It even has a play feature: you pull the car back to rev it up, and when you let go it zooms forward, pumping the plungers all the while.

At first, the car seemed nonsensical. Why use a toilet, of all things, for a car seat? But then the practicality of it set in, especially in cases in which the driver lacks intestinal fortitude. Why haven't car manufacturers thought of this before?

Speaking of which, the toilet is out of scale with the TMNT line, but it's a perfect fit for Star Wars figures!  One at a time, guys!

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