Toy Review: Vac-Metalized Fugitoid (Playmates)

Fugitoid was with the TMNT franchise almost since its inception. He's been immortalized in plastic a few times, but one thing was always missing. That's right... the Fugitoid figures have never been shiny. A matte Fugitoid is like a matte Cylon: you miss out on a lot of the character's awesomeness by not including that shine.

Playmates sought to fill that void by releasing this vaccuum-metalized Fugitoid collector figure. I'm not sure what the impetus for this was, but any new Fugitoid figure is a welcome sight. I reviewed the vintage Fugitoid last month and although he's a pretty cool figure, he's also pretty far removed from the classic Mirage design. Is this new Fugitoid more in line with that classic design that I loved as a kid?

Company: Playmates
Size: 5"
Price: $12.99 from Entertainment Earth
Packaging: Boxed

The first thing you'll notice about this Fugitoid is his insane level of reflectivity. Not only can you see your reflection, say, in his chest, but you can also see your reflection in his chest from the reflection of the reflection in his arm, if that makes sense. This Fugitoid looks absolutely fantastic, and he's definitely the most eye-catching figure in any TMNT display.

The vac-metalized look isn't the only thing that's new about this figure. It's clear that it's not the same sculpt as the 2004 Fugitoid (which I don't own myself). I don't think they share any parts, which makes the new Fugitoid look unique in the TMNT line. (Are you listening, Mattel?) Not only that, but it's also more faithful to the original Mirage design than the 2004 figure, from the upraised collar to the number of segments in the limbs and waist. There's even the detailing on the bottom of the feet. Nice. The only things missing are the robo-pupils.

Peter Laird mentioned that his pose is "based on an image of the Fugitoid from one specific page in one of his comic book appearances". I think he's probably referring to page 15 of the Fugitoid one-shot. The fingers aren't quite the same, but the pose is very close. Regardless, it's a very dynamic gesture that looks awesome.

Peter said that the prototype was unarticulated, and that seems to be the case with this sample. I'm guessing that the vac-metalization process may have sealed the joints. The lack of articulation is unfortunate, but the pose is cool enough that I don't feel like it's necessary.

I'm a bit more disappointed that Fugitoid comes accessoryless. The accessories could have been super-cool since this is a collector's figure that doesn't have to meet the "moral expectations" of kids' toys. A Honeycutt corpse would have been epic but probably cost-restrictive. At least he could have come with the Mentawave helmet.

$13 for a low-run collector's figure isn't too bad. The quality of the sculpting and the vac-metalization boost the value. Accessories would have improved the score further, though.

A perfectly-reflective Fugitoid sculpted in the style of the classic Mirage comics? It doesn't get any cooler than that. This is the sort of figure that I always wanted but toy manufacturers were never willing to make.

With reflective plastic and great sculpting that is not only new but also indicative of the classic Mirage comics, this figure is a must-have for any Mirage fan. It's too bad that the TMNT property is in a state of flux right now. If this figure was released a few years ago, I would have been hopeful that Playmates would produce more like this (the Utrom suits in particular). But who knows what's going on with the TMNT property now, so I suspect this Fugitoid will be it. I'm glad that I got this guy at least, because Fugitoid is a character who deserves at least one really cool figure.

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