December Poll: Toys Made Into Gross Cards, and Avatar Anticipations Results

With my recent concentration on cool card lines, I got to thinking about other possible parody card concepts. So this month's poll asks: What toy line would you most like to see turned into gross parody cards, a la Garbage Pail Kids? I tried to think of toy lines that were similar in demographical appeal to Cabbage Patch Kids, so I included (click to learn more): Bratz, Care Bears, Monchici, My Little Pony, PopplesPound Puppies, and Wuzzles.

The results for November's poll follow:

How do you think the Avatar movie will turn out, based on what you've seen so far?
Incredibly awesome! 3 (10%)
It'll be pretty cool. 5 (17%)
Meh. 11 (39%)
Looks pretty bad. 4 (14%)
Absolutely atrocious! 5 (17%)

Total Votes: 28

Francis Galton would be proud of these results! That's about as normal a distribution as I've seen!

It looks like the omnipresent Avatar hype machine isn't doing all that much to sway people's perception of the film. It will be interesting to see what people think about it after it's released!

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