Fan Art: Armodoc Wallpaper, UPDATED with More Colorways!

I'm among the poor shmucks in the Eastern United States who's currently buried under a few feet of snow. Realizing that I'm not going anywhere for a while (not even to the theaters to see Avatar, but stay tuned for my review early next week), I decided I'd whip up a new desktop wallpaper featuring my favorite Glyos character: Armodoc!

I like my Armodocs monochromatic, so that's why he's all-pink. But the color layers are separate, so I should be able to easily change him if there's another colorway that I prefer in the future, like the recent purple/black and GITD colorways. The background is a picture from the Hubble Space Telescope that was turned into Hyperspace by choosing Filter, Blur, Radial Blur, Zoom in Photoshop.

UPDATE 12/21/2009: Here are a couple more colorways suggested by members of the Glyos forum over at I have to say that I like the silver one best. Enjoy!

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