Retro Toy Review: Earthworm Jim Mail-Away (Playmates)

While exploring Playmates figures from the 90's, I picked up Psycrow on the cheap. But what's a bad guy without a good guy with whom to battle? An Earthworm Jim figure was a necessity and I opted for this mail-away version. I figured, if anything, at least Psycrow can dine on worm flesh. But is Earthy a cool figure in his own right? Let's find out!

Year Released: 1995
Company: Playmates
Size: 5"
Price: $3.50 on eBay (loose, complete)
Packaging: Baggie (from what I can tell)

One of the reasons I picked this version of Jim as my hero figure is the Green Lantern color scheme, which looks more dynamic than Jim's usual white/blue costume. His paint apps are pretty good, but there's some imprecise line work, like with the green lining of the gloves.

Jimmy's head sculpt is expressive and fun, with plenty of attitude. But the rest of the sculpt is just... adequate. Like Psycrow, Jim lacks the crazy-fun sculpting details that adorn other 90's Playmates toylines like Toxic Crusaders and TMNT. I'm not sure how crazy you could have gone with the figure considering the character's design, but I still want more.

Jim has 6 points of articulation: swivel shoulders, forearms, and hips. There's no neck articulation because of the action feature, and unlike many other Playmates figures, his hips aren't ball-socket. I'd also prefer the second arm joint to be a swivel bicep so that you could move the forearms laterally, which is a much more useful movement.

Jim-Bob comes with a mini ray gun, a laser rifle, and Snott, his booger-buddy. The laser rifle has lots of cool sci-fi details and looks great. And I love buddy figures... especially buddy figures made of snot! The only issue is that Snott needs some paint apps for his eyes and mouth. And maybe a more neon green coloration would work better. The darker green makes him look like he's day-old snot... I prefer my mucus to be fresh.

This dude was only 3 and a half smackers, loose and complete. The seller still has a bunch of the same figure for the same price, so you shouldn't have much of a problem finding this dude for next to nothing.

Earthworm Jim with his Playmates buddies, Casey Jones and Toxie!

Press the button on Jim's backpack and his worm head pops out of the suit! The mechanism has a pretty strong spring and it flings his head pretty far. The removable worm concept also opens up play scenarios as you can imagine Jim being helpless without his suit, totally vulnerable to the evil maw of Psycrow. And let's not forget that mail-away figures have a inherently awesome quality to them anyway.

But what's the deal with the holster? The guns don't fit in it, so what the crap?

Jim upgrades his suit using Glyos Armodoc technology!

Like Psycrow, Jim lacks the wacky sculpting that makes other Playmates toylines from the same time period so much fun. But Jim's rocket-launching head amps up the play value, and the $3.50 price tag is certainly welcome to those of us on a toy collecting budget. Jim's a good, strong figure... but not quite in the same league as his Toxic Crusaders or classic TMNT contemporaries.

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